Traditional Tae Kwon-Do in Andover

Andover Tae Kwon-Do is committed to teaching Tae Kwon-Do as it was intended by its founder Major General Choi Hong-hi.

A passion for Tae Kwon-Do

Since 1980 Andover Tae Kwon-Do has been teaching Tae Kwon-Do in Andover and Basingstoke in strict adherence with the teachings and practices developed by Maj Gen Choi Hong-hi.

The club actually started in Ludgershall a few miles from Andover under Instructor Mick Witt and a young Charles Gellard was there on day one eager to learn.

A few years later Mick left to pursue other interests and Charles took over the running of the club in the early 1980’s and has run it ever since

In 1983 the club became part of the newly formed TAGB.

Lead welfare/safeguarding officer: Mr Charles Gellard

General Information


All of our instructors have been tested by the TAGB and passed an approved course. All of our instructors are trained in first aid and hold current certificates. All of our instructors hold an Enhanced DBS certification.


There is an annual insurance/TAGB membership fee, and monthly training fees. If for whatever reason you want to stop training you can. There is no contract.


You will need a dobok (training suit). You will also need sparring equipment, this is not essential until you reach green belt but you will get more out of your training if you have it.


We train 3 days a week with 3 lessons each day. Each lesson is 40 minutes long.  Once you are ready you can attend each of the 9 lessons if you wish.  We would recommend that you attend at least 2 lessons per week in the beginning – more if you can manage it.


Although the structure of each training session can and does vary depending on many things, what you are taught follows a well-defined syllabus.


Colour belt gradings are conducted every 3 months and are usually here in Andover. All of our colour belt gradings are conducted in a public place by a 9th Degree black belt.

Training in other TAGB clubs

Other TAGB clubs usually welcome students from different clubs. As a member of Andover Tae Kwon-do you will also become a member of the TAGB, there is typically no additional fee for occasionally training with another club. We all follow the same syllabus and have the same grading requirements. The TAGB has over 600 clubs and 20,000 members. Each instructor runs their training sessions as they see fit, and it can often be fun to visit other clubs from time to time.

Black Belt Gradings

Black belt gradings are conducted every 6 months and are usually held at the Hellidon Lakes Hotel near Daventry. Each candidate is assessed by 5 grand masters.